Contactless Thorough and Hygienic Cleaning by

Contactless Thorough and Hygienic Cleaning by

After the pandemic, every workplace aims at providing a safe and secure working atmosphere to both the customers and clients. Therefore it is important to adapt to the latest and necessary cleaning measures. Contactless cleaning is one of the most acceptable cleaning methods these days. It ensures a hygienic and germ-free atmosphere safe for children and the elderly.

Not only the workplaces but our domestic cleaning also needs an updation owing to the current situation. This includes using effective disinfection and sanitizing techniques to limit the spread of germs as much as possible.

Disinfect the high touch surfaces

The most vulnerable places for the spread of viruses and germs are the high touch surfaces such as door handles, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, light switches, faucets and sinks, Touch screens, and ATMs. These surfaces should be thoroughly sanitized or disinfected in order to achieve the desired results of hygienic cleaning.

How you can protect yourself?

Keeping clean is the only way to keep yourself safe from getting ill or yielding yourself to the pandemic. It is advised to bathe daily, wash hands regularly, don’t touch unnecessary areas. keep as contactless as possible. The right use of disinfectants, masks, gloves, and sanitizers is the right thing to do. Don’t leave your home unless very important.

Live clean, live long

To make sure you get the best standards of cleaning our employees are properly checked for the cleaning habits and routines. Not only that they pass screening tests in order to make sure that they are not ill. You can fully trust us on this. The team of snapcleansw19 only uses freshly laundered or disinfected supplies for cleaning. The cleaning kits and clothes of the professionals are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for the next cleaning session. The use of gloves, masks, sanitizer is a must in both offices and workplaces. All these measures make sure that you get standard cleaning services at your doorstep.

Deep cleaning servicesthe disinfectants used by the professionals of snapcleansw19 are hospital-grade to provide hygienic deep cleaning to kill even the tiniest germ. Special focus is paid to high-touch areas. The professionals are trained to clean in one way starting from the back end to the front in order to avoid chances of reinfection.

Contactless payments: snapcleansw19 went a step further in keeping you safe. You can simply pay online using stripe for the cleaning services rather than in cash. This keeps you and our professionals safe from any contact.

Social distancing: All the service providers are guided to follow social distancing requirements during working as well as after work within the parameters of the workplace.

At the end!

Seeking help from professionals who know what to do and how to do is itself a strategy. Don’t hesitate to leave your response.

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